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The Equanimity Festival

As the 'not festival' moves into its 4th year, Lee Tayler, founder of the festival looks back on it's humble beginnings and just how far it has come.

Our calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.

"It was never going to be a festival"

Equanimity had its humble beginnings in October 2021, nestled in a pub garden by the tranquil riverbanks of Norwich. Conceived by Lee Tayler, the visionary founder of Norfolk Paddle Boards, this event ( not a festival)  was a response to the impending winter months and his desire to provide a sanctuary of wellness for his paddle boarding community.

It became an all-encompassing celebration, transcending the boundaries of paddle boarding.

In its second year, the festival embarked on a new journey, finding its home at the picturesque Salhouse Broad, just north of Norwich. Following the resounding success of its debut festival in late May, the event was repeated in August the same year.

Year three marked a return to the May schedule, brimming with triumph. Moreover, the festival forged a unique partnership with a local company, resulting in an unconventional August event spanning three weekends. This alternative extravaganza featured an outdoor bar, dynamic DJ sets, and wellness activities thoughtfully curated by Norfolk Paddle Boards. 


Now entering its fourth year, The Equanimity Festival has evolved into a distinct entity, detached from its origins with Norfolk Paddle Boards. Lee Tayler, the festival's founder, was keen to ensure it became an all-encompassing celebration, transcending the boundaries of paddleboarding. Returning to Salhouse in June 2024, the festival has redefined its essence, focusing on intimacy and connection.

Its mission is to offer as many participants as possible the opportunity to engage in a carefully crafted schedule of activities while fostering connections with the festival's surroundings and fellow attendees.

Both weekends of the festival promise identical experiences, allowing you to select the one that aligns best with your schedule. This flexibility ensures that you can fully savor the stunning festival site and its offerings.

Want to get involved in the festival, get in touch now!

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