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The Wellness Festival

About the festival

A new concept

Our mission is to revolutionise the conventional retreat and festival mindset. Rather than viewing it solely as an escape from daily life, we encourage you to embrace it as an opportunity for profound self-reflection. It serves as a moment to evaluate your current situations, habits, and practices, fostering positive changes.

Yoga in the Garden
Being aware GLAMPING PASS.png

A personal experience

We invite you to choose from three distinct activity paths, each offering a perfect balance of wellness and valuable time for reflection.


Engaging in a combination of mind and body workshops throughout the weekend will inspire you to continue and integrate these practices into your life. 

On arrival you will collect your free journal to use as you like throughout the weekend. Giving you a chance to write, doodle, sketch and express your thoughts and feelings in a medium you can take away at the end.


Using this as a resource to help remind ways to continue your wellbeing journey in a way that works for them.


More than the weekend

We understand that a weekend filled with wholesome activities might not be sufficient to instigate significant changes in our habits for a lasting positive impact.

To address this, we are committed to maintaining engagement with our festival community both before and after the festival weekend. Our goal is to provide workshops, ideas, and information that foster a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.

Our pre-festival podcast aims to demystify some of the practices offered at the festival, accompanied by free online practices to initiate positive changes. We seek to offer a preview that encourages participants to embrace these practices and integrate them into their daily lives.

Furthermore, a carefully planned schedule of email and social media marketing will be employed to deepen our connection with the festival community. Through these channels, we aspire to stimulate conversations, generate intrigue, and inspire individuals to actively pursue improvements in their health and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Our beautiful venue

Situated in the heart of Norfolk Broads National Park. The broad offers the perfect landscape of fields, trees and water. Giving us the chance to immerse ourselves in nature.

Direct access to the water from dawn till dusk. Bring your own paddle board or vessel or hire from us on site. 

Salhouse Broad in knowin for its beautiful landscape and wildlife, its rural character, and the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere for which the area is renowned.


It is a special place rich in personality and distinctiveness, wildlife, history and heritage. An ideal place to relax and leave the modern world, with all its stresses, behind.

Norfolk is renowned for its endless big skies and we are delighted the site has its own purpose built Stargazing platform to enjoy the most incredible sky at night as well.

Camping, Glamping and day tickets will be available to give you the opportunity to enjoy the festival the way you want to. 

Calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation

It's not always about being perfect

Our lives can become overwhelming at times. We may be aware of what can help us feel better, but we don't always know where to begin or how to start.

Practice" often means engaging in a task or activity repeatedly to enhance our skills, build competence, or develop expertise. It's a journey of training and refining our abilities over time. Importantly, it's not about achieving perfection or becoming an instant expert.

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