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Getting involved in the festival

We are eager to collaborate with a diverse range of experts and practitioners within the wellness industry, as well as other activities and refreshment vendors, who can enhance the experience for our valued guests.


Wellness practioners

We aim to curate a diverse roster of experts and practitioners from the wellness industry who can share their expertise and knowledge with our festival attendees.

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Food and Beverage Vendors

Providing a variety of nourishing culinary delights to our guests is a crucial aspect of enhancing the overall festival experience. If you believe your offerings can greatly benefit our attendees, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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Volunteers and Crew

If you're a sociable and enthusiastic person who can enhance the festival experience for our guests, we're looking for individuals to join our team, responsible for hosting the event, ensuring site cleanliness, and assisting our guests during their stay.

Become a Sponsor

We are actively seeking sponsors to support the event, fostering a symbiotic relationship between their brand and The Equanimity Festival. Their investment will enable the festival to provide a bespoke experience to our guests while promoting their brand both before and after the event.

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